Buying the Best Glass Kitchen Scale for Your Kitchen

When it comes to buying kitchen scales, you can get a number of different products that are suitable for your convenience.

However, the best part about purchasing a glass kitchen scale is the stylish design it offers, that adds to your kitchen’s elegance. With the sleek and stylish glass scales now available readily in the market, you can easily get one that you like.

Before you purchase a glass kitchen scale, there is one thing you should always consider carefully. The glass platform should be durable and reliable so that it does not break easily in case of an accident. For this reason, when you plan to buy a glass scale for your kitchen, make sure it comes from a trustable manufacturer with a warranty.

Also, review the technologies used in the scale carefully to ensure that the scale is not just long-lasting but accurate as well. Today, you can easily find kitchen scales that use the most sophisticated of technologies to give accurate, precise and convenient function.

Best Glass Kitchen Scale

For those who are planning to get a glass kitchen scale for their use, here is a review of the top two great scales available in the market:

Ozeri Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale with Tempered Glass in Black

Featuring four High-Precision Sensors, this digital kitchen scale can provide you with highly accurate measurements for weight between 0.1 ounces and 17.6 pounds. The platform has two touch-sensitive buttons and a big backlit LCD screen for measurement display. The measurements you can see on this display are lb., oz., fl.oz kg., g., fl.oz., and ml. The thin glass platform is made from reflective black tempered glass that is four times stronger than ordinary glass.

An automatic tare feature allows you to weight without accounting for the container’s weight. The scale operates on two lithium batteries that are included with the scale shipment. The automatic turn-off features switches off the scale after two minutes to preserve battery life. At a price of $28.95, the Ozeri Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale is definitely a great glass kitchen scale you can get.

Salter 3003 Aquatronic Glass Electronic Kitchen Scale

Another remarkable glass kitchen scale that you can get without having any doubts about its performance or durability is the Salter 30003 Aquatronic Glass Electronic Kitchen Scale. The scale features Salter’s Strain-Gauge Weight Sensing System that gives you perfectly accurate readings with an incremental value of 1/8 ounces or 2 grams. The scale can measure up to 11 pounds of weight and provide reading in units including lbs., oz., kg., g., fl.oz., and ml.

The platform is made of a strong and tempered glass while the base is stainless steel. The stain-resistant, easy-to-clean glass and steel structure allows you to weight ingredients directly on the platform or in a bowl. The add-and-weight feature allows you to subtract the weight of bowl conveniently. With a large LCD display and an included lithium battery, this is another ideal glass kitchen scale you can buy, available for $38.70.

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