Escali Scale for Kitchen or Bathroom – Is it worth the money?

Escali is a small company located in Burnsville Minneapolis that impressed with their dedication to quality. You may say that the Escali scale doesn’t have the most futuristic design out there but they compensate for sure in accuracy and product quality. They sell a wide range of scales like kitchen scales, bathroom scales and professional scales. Every one of are multifunctional displaying the information in both metric and standard format.

What I found very interesting was the fact that they stand by their product with a Limited Life Time Warranty and 100% Money Back Guarantee if you return the product in 30 days. Basically if you don’t like the product you can return it in 30 days or if it starts to malfunction without dropping it on the floor than you can claim your warranty. I think that this was available only for the domestic scales of the company.

Escali Scale for Kitchen – Primo and Arti

There are two options that we found interesting for your kitchen, the Escali Primo and the Arti. Both are digital and very reliable the main difference is the design.

Both Primo and Arti scales are a simple and compact everyday unit that can come in handy when you need to make small measurements at home or in a small bakery. Unlike other simple scales in this price range, Escali offers you the most accurate readings that you can get. Here are the main features that you will get from this two units:

• Digital and Accurate Scale – The scale is well built and fairly tested against standard measurements. The LED display is large and very easy to read.

• Spill-Proof – Both these Escali scales are completely spill-proof and very easy to clean, making it ideal to be used in kitchens.

• Multiple Weighing Units – The Escali Primo and Arti scale offers three different measurement units: grams, ounce and pounds. The scale can weigh up to 11 pounds or 5 kilograms while offering you ideal weighing increments of 1 gram and 0.1 ounces.

• Automatic Shut-Off – The scales also have an automatic shut-off timer, where it goes off after four minutes of not being used. You can also turn it off yourself once you are done using it by pressing the On/Off button. This can save up your battery life easily.

• Tare Feature – The tare feature of the scales allows you to measure the weight of things without accounting for the weight of container, giving you even more accurate readings with convenience.

• Battery-Operated – The Escali Primo and the Arti Scale is battery-operated and runs on two AA batteries that you can easily get and replace.

The products are approved by NSF and were awarded the Kitchen Tested Seal of Approval by the Cooking Club of America in 2005.

Escali Scale for Bathroom

We found a few good options when we researched for a good bathroom Escali scale. Not to make things to complicated for you we think you should focus your attention on one of them. The Escali clear glass bathroom scale was our first choice and you will get some extra features, like measuring the percentage of body fat and body water.

Here are the main features of this complete scale:

• Measures up to 440 lbs – It is a scale built to last and it’s large tempered glass platform will hold and measure up to 440 lbs, that’s like 200 kg, with 0.2 lb increments

• Multiple users – The scale will hold up to 10 user profiles being able to keep track of your entire family progress

• Multifunctional – It will measure with great accuracy the weight, the body fat percentage and the hydration level.

• Automatic Shut-off – The scale will turn it self off when not used, saving battery life this way.

• Batteries included – It works with two lithium batteries that you will find in the box, so no need of buying anything to get it started.

• Lifetime Warranty – The company offers lifetime warranty on all it’s scales built for domestic use

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