Our lives becomes more and more connected with our devices and this enables us to keep track more closely to what really matters in our lives. A good body fat scale, as the name already describes it, will help a lot to measure not just your weight but also the fat content of your body.

The principle is pretty easy: when you get up on the scale (bare foot) a small intensity electrical current is sent from one foot and travels trough your body to the other foot. As it is a known fact that fat is a poor electricity conductor (compared to muscle or bones), the scale will measure that electrical current at the arrival and estimate the fat content. Easy isn’t it?

Compared measurements revealed that this method is accurate for 80% of the cases and even better for the estimates targeted to the lower body. But anyway if you track your progress this is a great and a cheaper option than going to x-rays or a hydrostatic weighing.

Based on the fact that the place that you measure is the place that will give you results, such a body fat scale is a great idea even if you are a fitness enthusiast or you are just careful about your health. The excess fat in your body may cause a bunch of  problems like heart diseases, hypertension or diabetes.


We fall in love with the Fitbit Aria as it comes from such an innovative and successful company. Fitbit is practically the most successful company on the activity tracker wearables, so the infrastructure and the knowhow was already there. This enabled them to produce one of the best body fat scales available on the market.

As you would expect the connectivity of this scale and its tracking features are top shelf. It will easily connect to WI-FI in your house making it available on your laptop, tablet or smartphone using the Fitbit app or online in your Fitbit account.

this remarkable scale is ideal when it comes to keeping a complete online record of your fitness vitals for athletic or health purposes. If you are wondering what is so good about this scale, here is a list of some of its more noticeable features:

• It measures your weight, body mass index and body fat percentage to the most accurate level that we found.

• The scale keeps a track of your data based on your profile making it available for the entire family. It will support up to eight different users that can use this scale to keep track of their progress separately, all of which is stored in password protected accounts.

• Records your data and sends it to your personal account at, transferring all your data via Wi-Fi.

• The website and mobile app of FitBit allows you to access your data from anywhere anytime and represents it in the form of graphs and charts so that it can be easily understood.

• If you are using othe warrebles made by Fitbit you will have all this information in one place so your progress is realy visible.


When selecting a body fat scale, you need to take into consideration two factors: accuracy and the price tag. Finding a scale that not just fits your needs but also fits your budget can be a bit tricky as these scales usually cost a bit more compared to the classical scales.

We went through different body fat scales and reviewed them provided to get an idea of which one delivers on their promise. This is not a buy that you will make every week so our advice is not to go cheap on this. We stopped and reviewed for you the best option available now and this is the Fitbit Aria body fat scale.

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