Bathroom Scales : Our Buying Guide

If you are planning to buy a bathroom scale, you will surely be overwhelmed by the number reviews of bathroom scales you will find. There are just so many products available in the market today, all of them offering different yet equally enticing features. So, before you make your decision regarding which scale you should purchase, go through this helpful guide to understand the different features and technologies that you will find in the best bathroom scales today.

Types of Bathroom Scales

Until a few years back, the only type of bathroom scale available in the market was the mechanical scale with a dial showing the readings. You can still find mechanical bathroom scales quite conveniently and they work really well when it comes to measuring weight accurately. However, digital bathroom scales are more preferred nowadays due to the accuracy and precision they offer. According to the reviews of bathroom scales, these battery-operated scales can measure your weight in increments as small as 0.2 pounds.

Different Types of Digital Scales

Digital scales come in many shapes and forms, all because of the different technologies used to make them more convenient. First, there is the simple digital scale where you stand on the platform and your weight reading is instantly displayed on an LCD screen embedded at the top of the platform. Then there are wireless digital scales that provide a separate LCD screen that can be held in the hand to read your weight measurements while you stand on the platform.

According to reviews of bathrooms scales, some of the best types of scales available today are the ones that measure additional information other than weight. These digital scales allow you to measure not just your weight but your body fat, body mass, bone mass and water/hydration level as well. These scales then record your age, gender and height as well so that your total fitness level can be determined.

Features a Digital Scale Should Have

When you go out to buy a digital bathroom scale for your use today, you should know what the essential features are, that the best bathroom scales today have to offer. Knowing that, you shouldn’t settle for anything but the best. So, here are some features according to reviews of bathroom scales to look out for:

• If you are buying a simple digital scale, it should feature precision sensors to provide accurate measurements to the closest degree. It should also have a large LCD display equipped with a backlight that allows you to read it conveniently.

• The digital scales you buy should be battery operated and wireless so that they can be used without hassle. They should also have automatic on and off sensors so that you don’t need to get involved with buttons or tapping. Avoid going for the ones that use solar energy to run.

• If you are getting a body fat bathroom scale, make sure it has multiple users’ memory to store all the data. According to reviews of bathroom scales, the best scales allow at least eight different users’ data storage.

What you buy depends entirely on what you want. If you want a simple weight reading, you can get a simple scale but if you want a closer check on your fitness, you can get a high-tech bathroom scale for your use as easily.

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