If you are planning to get bath scales for your personal use, you can easily get some of the most accurate bath scales available in the market. Using the latest technologies available today, these digital scales can provide you with accurate weight measurement up to the nearest incremental values in ounces and grams. So, if you just can’t decide which scale would be the best for you, here are the top two picks you should consider:


Featuring a Step-On technology and four High Precision EatSmart Sensors, this is one of the most accurate bath scales offered by EatSmart. The step on technology lets you get instant readings the moment you step on the non-slip platform while the large LCD display light up with a blue backlight. This makes it easier for you to read the display from a distance conveniently. The scale, with its thick and tempered glass platform, can measure up to 400 lbs. of weight at a time.
Being one of the most accurate bath scales available in the market, the readings EatSmart Precision Scale offers are accurate to an increment level of 0.2lbs. Moreover, the scale is shipped with 4 AAA batteries, an instruction manual and a Body Tape Measure by EatSmart. At a price of $28.95, this is definitely one of the best scales you can get in the market that can provide you with accurate weight readings.


Another one of the most accurate bath scales that can be purchased for personal use without any trouble is the High Accuracy Scale by BalanceFrom.

As suggested by the name, the scale is specifically designed with accuracy in mind and it definitely delivers. The thick 12” x 13” tempered glass non-slip platform features a Step-On technology that allows you to get readings right after you step on the platform. The large 4.3” LCD display with a backlight makes it convenient for you to read the display.
What makes BalanceFrom High Accuracy Digital Scale one of the most accurate bath scales available currently are the four latest version high precision sensors installed in the scale. It can measure up to 400 pounds of weight at a time while providing readings with graduation increments of 0.2 lb.

To ensure instant usage of the scale, it is shipped along with 4 AAA batteries, a tape measure and a two-year warranty. Available at a discounted price of approx. $25.00 at Amazon, this is definitely a scale worthy of your attention.

While these two are the best scales available in the market due to their accuracy and weight, they are not your only choice. You can definitely find some more bath scales to fit your needs that might be pricier when it comes to prices. For those who like to keep a closer check on your fitness levels, you can even find scales that provide separate measurements for weight, body fat, body mass and bone mass. So, depending on what you need and what your budget allows, you can get the right bath scale for your use.

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