If you are currently on a fitness regime, an accurate scale is definitely a must-have product for you. After all, you can’t know how fit you actually are unless you have some measurable results with you. So, here is a Taylor scale review for all those who are out searching for an accurate, precise and functional bathroom scale.

The Taylor 7506 Glass and Chrome Digital Scale will fit in perfectly in your bathroom or your bedroom, without looking like a big machine taking up a lot of space. If that sounds like the scale you want, go through this Taylor scale review to learn more about it.


There are several remarkable features of this scale that make it stand out from other models available in the market. To ensure that this is the only Taylor scale review you need to read about, here are the scale’s main features:

• Step-On Technology – This scale has an automatic turn-on system that utilizes the Step-On technology to give you instant measurements. All you have to do is step on this scale and it will start working right away. There is no need for you to tap the scale or look for a switch to turn in on.

• LCD Display – The scale has a large LCD display that allows you to read measurement results without any difficulty. The display screen is 1.5” large while the display digits are 1.2”. This ensures that the screen is easy to view without having to bend or squint at it.

• Accurate Measurements – The Taylor 7506 Digital Scale can measure up to 400 pounds or 180 kilograms of weight with complete accuracy. You can get weight measurements to a 0.5 lb incremental value, displayed in different measuring units for added convenience.

• Tempered Glass Platform – A uniquely designed and tough glass platform gives this scale a sleek and stylish look. The high-tempered glass platform with a chrome accent base makes the scale extremely durable. In addition, the platform is 11.75” long and 13” wide, providing sufficient standing space to the users.

• Battery-Operated – This scale works on a lithium battery that can provide consistent performance throughout the years without needing replacement.

• Warranty – Taylor 7506 Glass and Chrome Digital Scale comes with a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer, ensuring long-term performance.


Customers providing their own Taylor scale review believe this model to be a highly effective one, which is why the product has received a 3.9/5 stars rating on Amazon. According to customers, this is an extremely accurate scale, looks great and comes cheap. Its affordability, ease-of use and sleek design make it a popular choice among bathroom scales.


In comparison with other glass bathroom scales that offer similar quality, this scale does not come with a hefty price tag. The list price of Taylor 7506 is $39.99, at which it can be found at all beauty supplies stores. However, the product can also be purchased from online stores at discounted prices. At Amazon, it is currently available for ( Check Price ) along with free shipping.

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