Grow with Me Digital Baby Scale

If you are looking to purchase a digital baby scale that can fit the needs of your fast growing child for a long time, the Grow with Me scale by Health-o-meter is the ideal product for you.

With this one-of-its-kind scale you cannot only measure the weight of your little baby right now but you can also keep using it as effectively as your kid grows, turning into a healthy toddler.

This remarkable scale can turn from a tray scale to a platform scale conveniently so that you can use it for longer years as your child continues to grow. For those interested in buying a digital baby scale, here is a review of Health-o-meter Grow with Me scale.

Features of Grow with Me Digital Baby Scale

This battery-operated scale features some of the best technologies that are used today in scale manufacturing, helpin you measure the weight of your baby to the closest precision and with complete accuracy.

Here is a highlight of some of its features:

• 2-in-1 Scale – Grow with Me digital baby scale has a smart design that can be converted from tray scale to platform scale. For small babies, you can use it with the tray and as your baby grows, you can simply get rid of the tray and use it like any other platform digital scale. A large 1.2” LCD display makes it very convenient to read the measurements.

• Accuracy and Precision – The scale measures the weight to the best accuracy level while providing measurements in 0.5 pounds increments. It can measure weight up to 60 pounds while the “zero-out” button can easily adjust the weight for clothing etc.

• Growth Chart – The scale comes with a growth chart included that can be very helpful in keeping track of height and weight of your child.

• Warranty – Health-o-meter Grow with Me Digital Baby Scale comes with a five-year limited warranty by the manufacturer, ensuring high-quality performance.

• Multiple Display Units – This scale allows you to measure the weight of your baby in different measuring units including pounds and ounces, and kilograms and grams.

How Much Does It Cost?

As a unique digital baby scale that can be used for a longer time period, this product is often assumed to be an expensive one. However, compared to several other digital baby scales available in the market that are quite ordinary, this scale is extremely affordable and worth the price. You can easily find this product at Amazon at a highly discounted price of approx. $53.51 along with free shipping.

At Amazon, Grow with Me scale has a remarkable customer rating with 4.7 out of 5 stars. Almost all the customers have good things to say about this scale, especially about the accuracy it offers. The customers also find the weight holding and zero-out features of this scale that gives more weight accuracy. According to some customers, the scale is not just ideal for babies but for small and adored pets as well.

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