EatSmart Precision Premium Digital Bathroom Scale

If you are on a weight loss spree, the first thing you need is a device that can help you keep track of your progress, i.e. a weighing scale. EatSmart Precision Premium Digital Bathroom Scale with 3.5″ LCD and “Step-On” Technology is one of the best digital scales that you can find in the market, offering precision, accuracy and functionality.

A sleek design, a large platform and a higher weighing capacity is what makes this scale completely perfect for heavy people who are just getting started on their weight loss regime. So, before you get this scale for your use, here is a review of EatSmart Precision Premium Digital Bathroom Scale with 3.5″ LCD and “Step-On” Technology for your benefit.

Features of EatSmart Precision Plus Bathroom Scale

Before you bring this amazing digital bathroom scale to your house, you should learn about the features it has to offer. Here are some of the most remarkable features and benefits of this scale:

• Step-On Technology – The EatSmart Precision scale features an instant step-on technology that allows you to get your weight readings the moment you step on it. You no longer need to look for on/off switches or to tap the platform with your toes.

• Higher Weighing Capacity – The scale can measure up to 400 pounds or 180 kilograms of weight at one time with complete accuracy. You can get your weight measurements up to an incremental value of 0.2 pounds. In addition, the weight can be displayed in different measuring units.

• Large LCD Screen – The scale platform features a large 3.5” LCD display screen with a backlit light that makes it highly convenient for you to read the displayed readings. With this large display, you won’t have to bend down to read the measurements.

• Precision Sensors – The 4 high-precision G Sensors of this scale make it one of the most accurate scales in the market. You can weigh up to 440 lbs on this large scale while getting completely accurate results every time.

• Oversized Platform – The scale has an extra-large durable platform with a non-slip base, allowing you to have a firm footing. The platform is more than 12” wide, which is a perfect size for stocky people.

• Automatic Functions – The scale is auto calibrated and has an automatic power-off system. Running on 4 AAA batteries (included), the device comes with a two-year warranty.

Customer Reviews

With over 3000 reviews and a 4.5/5 star rating on Amazon, the EatSmart Precision Premium Digital Bathroom Scale with 3.5″ LCD and “Step-On” Technology is definitely a popular product among customers. According to its users, it is a great scale that is backed by strong customer service. Its sleek design, wide platform and accuracy are some of its best features. So, if you are looking for a functional and precise bathroom scale, this is a perfect choice for you.

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