If you are serious about keeping a close track on your weight and health, it is very important to get the right bathroom scale for your use.

One of the best things to do is to get a body fat bathroom scale since it can tell you about your body stats in a much more precise manner. With the help of these scales, you cannot just measure your body stats in percentages, but you can also keep a complete record of them.

If you want to get a complete and convenient weight management system, here are three of the best-selling scales you can consider buying:


Going far beyond an ordinary scale, the EatSmart GetFit scale measures weight as well as the percentages of body fat, body muscle, bone mass, and body water. This gives you a complete analysis of your overall fitness. The system keeps a record of your age, gender and height and matches it along with weight to determine these fitness levels.

You can easily store data for eight different users on this smart scale and the auto recognition system of this scale will automatically update each user’s data when they step in it. The Precision technology used in all EatSmart scales provides you with the most accurate weight readings to the nearest .2 lbs. At a price of approx. $54.95 at Amazon, this is the top-selling body fat bathroom scale that you can get.


Another ideal fitness tracking system you can get is the Ozeri Touch Digital Scale that provides measurements for body fat, muscle mass, bone measure and hydration level along with your weight. The in-built memory of this device can store data profiles for eight different users, recording their age, gender, weight and height so that their fitness levels can be tracked from time to time.

The scale uses the latest G sensors to record weight to the closest precision and accuracy while the impact resistant tempered glass of the platform can bear up to 440 pounds of weight. This amazing body fat bathroom scale is available for approx. $49.95 at Amazon.


Another extremely amazing body fat bathroom scale that you can get is the FitBit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale. Not only does it measure your body stats, but it also transfers the data to your online FitBit account via Wi-Fi.

The system can save data for up to eight different users while the profile for each user is password protected. You can track your weight, body fat and body mass index and check it in different measuring units. The FitBit website and Smartphone App represents your data in form of charts and graphs to help you keep a track of your fitness. At Amazon, you can get this scale at a price of approx. $129.95.

So, if you are a fitness freak, get any one of these scales today to keep a check on how you and your body are doing on the fitness ground.