Best Cheap Scales – A Buying Guide

How convenient it is to have a weighing scale at your house and keep a track of your lost (or gained) pounds right on time?

However, with so many high-tech gadgets available in the market, finding nice, simple and cheap scales can be a really difficult task.

To save you from searching high and low, here is one of the cheapest suggestions you can go for: Taylor Low Priced Digital Scale.

Everything you need in a simple and easy-to-use bathroom scale is packed in this affordable, functional and accurate scale. So, if you’re in the market for cheap scales, read on to find out why the Taylor Low Priced Digital Scale is a good option.

Features of Taylor 7329 Low Priced Digital Scale

With a slim design and perfect accuracy, this is one of the best cheap scales you can currently find in the market. Here are some features of this scale that you will find quite attractive:

• Slim Compact Design – This scale has a slim and compact design that can fit into a small space perfectly well. The 11.5” x 10.75” platform has a jet black mat with a slight texture that gives you strong footing when you stand on it. The silver finish of the platform gives it a classic and sleek look that allows you to keep it anywhere you want.

• LCD Display – The scale has a large 1” LCD display that provides high visibility. You can easily read the measurements displayed without having to bend or move.

• High Precision Technology – The scale features high-precision sensors embedded into the platform, starting up automatically when you step on the scale. There is no need for you to switch on the scale or tap it with your foot.

• Accurate Measurements – The scale provides completely accurate measurements even for individuals weighing up to 350 pounds. You can get up to 0.2 pounds of incremental value and a weight display in different units including pounds, kilograms and stones.

• Battery-Operated – The scale operates on a lithium-battery that has a long life. The scale also comes with a five-year performance warranty from the manufacturer.

Customer Reviews

On Amazon, the Taylor Low Priced Digital Scale has a 3.1 out of 5 stars rating, but people who are looking out for cheap scales regard it as the best scale in the market. At an extremely affordable price, this product is considered to be great by its users as it does its job nicely. The smart design and the ease-of-use that this scale offers are considered to be the best points of this scale.

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